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How to Fall in Love with Social Media

digital detox mindful social media mindfulness Feb 09, 2024

February, the quintessential month of love, often has us reflecting on the various forms of love in our lives. But there's one relationship we tend to overlook – our relationship with social media. Yes, you heard that right. In an era where a quick scroll can either uplift or drain us, it's time we rekindled our love affair with our feeds, making social media an act of self-care rather than a source of stress.

The Love-Hate Relationship with Our Feeds

Remember lounging with a glossy magazine, lost in a world of celebrity gossip and fashion trends? Those were our self-care moments before social media took over. Today, our feeds can be that comforting magazine, provided we curate them with intention.

Step 1: Declutter with Love

First off, it's time for a social media spring cleaning – but in February. Go through your follows. That high school friend who overshare? Your aunt's endless political rants? It's time they got a little less of your screen space. Mute, unfollow, or block with abandon. Your mental peace will thank you.

Step 2: Curate Your Digital Sanctuary

Once you've Marie Kondo-ed your feed, you might find it a bit...empty. That's your canvas to paint a feed that inspires and excites you. Fill it with accounts that spark joy, teach you something new, or simply make you smile. From cooking tutorials to motivational speakers, let each scroll add something positive to your day.

Step 3: Business vs. Personal – The Great Divide

Navigating social media for business while keeping your personal joy intact can be tricky. Erin Nettere, our CEO, swears by keeping business and personal accounts separate. Your business feed should be all about networking and growth, while your personal feed? That's your space to relax, laugh, and be inspired.

Step 4: Set Sexy Boundaries

Yes, boundaries can be sexy, especially when they help you reclaim your time and mental space. Designate times for social media that don't interfere with your morning routine or your wind-down time at night. Little boundaries can make a huge difference in how consumed you feel by the digital world.

Step 5: Make Your Feed Irresistibly Engaging

Aim to create a feed so engaging that mindless scrolling becomes a thing of the past. Tailor your social media environment to be so rich in content that you look forward to every moment you spend on it.

Falling Back in Love with Social Media

Our journey with social media doesn't have to be one of guilt and obligation. By consciously choosing how we interact with our digital worlds, we can transform social media into a source of joy, inspiration, and self-care.

So, as we navigate this month of love, let's commit to falling back in love with our social media feeds, making them a reflection of the care we extend to ourselves and our businesses.

Ready to take control of your social media and do it in a way that feels good to you? Let's chat and see how we can align your socials to where you are today and where you're looking to go!

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